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Acc Accommodation Lab Laboratory
Acct(s) Accountant(s), Accounting, Accounts Lang Language
ACO Assistant Clerical Officer Libn Librarian
Adm Administration, Administrative Mgt Management
AO Administrative Officer/Amenities Officer Mgr Manager
Alce Allowance/Allowances Med Medical
& And Misc Miscellaneous
Appt(s) Appointment/Appointments MSO Management Services Officer
Asst Assistant NT New Territories
AS Assistant Secretary N North
Aux Auxiliary Off(s) Office(s)
Bldg Building Offr(s) Officer(s)
Capt Captain OLO(s) Official Languages Officer(s)
Ch Chief Op(s) Operation/Operations
CEO Chief Executive Officer Psl Personal
CIP Chief Inspector of Police PS Personal Secretary
CO(s) Clerical Officer(s) Per Personnel
C Clerk/Clerks Plnr Planner
Comr Commissioner Prim Primary
Com Committee/Committees Prin Principal
Commu Community/Communities PEO Principal Executive Officer
Conf Confidential Pte Private
Contr Controller R & D Receiving & Despatching
CSP Chief Superintendent of Police Redev Redevelopment
Dept Department Regr Registrar
Deptl Departmental Regn Registration
DS Departmental Secretary Regy Registry
Dep Deputy Res Residential
Dev Development Rev Revenue
Dir Director Rd Road
Dist District Rm(s) Room(s)
Div Division, Divisional Sch(s) School(s)
E East Secy Secretary
Econ Economics Sec Section
Ed Education Sr Senior
Engr Engineer SCO Senior Clerical Officer
Enq Enquiry/Enquiries SEO Senior Executive Officer
Env Environment, Environmental S South
Est Establishment SD Special Duty/Special Duties
Exam Examination SIP Senior Inspector of Police
Ex Executive Stat Statistician/Statistical
EO Executive Officer St Street
Exp Expenditure Supt Superintendent
Fin Finance Supr(s) Supervisor(s)
Gen General SO Staff Officer /Supplies Officer
Geo Geotechnical SP Superintendent of Police
Govt Government SS Supplies Supervisor
HQ Headquarters SSGT Station Sergeant
HK Hong Kong SSP Senior Superintendent of Police
Hse House Tech Technical
i/c in-charge Telecom Telecommunication
Infn Information Trg Training
Insp(s) Inspector(s) Transp Transport
IP Inspector of Police Try Treasury
Kln Kowloon TA Treasury Accountant
W West

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