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Enquiry Search

Nature of Enquiry

In the list box next to the nature of enquiry, you can choose the nature of enquiry i.e. enquiry / hotline / complaint to search. All bureaux / departments with such kinds of telephone number(s) will be returned.

For example: Enquiry will return all entries with telephone number(s) that contains Enquiry

Only those bureaux / departments with such nature i.e. enquiry / hotline / complaint of telephone number(s) will be returned. If those bureaux / departments do not have such nature of telephone number(s), no record message will be returned.

Bureau / Department

You can select a Bureau / Department from this list box to confine the search result accordingly. The default selection is All Bureaux and Departments, so you can search all bureaux and departments for the name entered above. If you can specify the bureau / department for searching, you will obtain more concise results and reduce the search time.

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